Saturday, June 1st: Opening Day at the shop, 4975 Broadway, 10 - 7

Saturday, June 1st: Buttons, Belts, and Books: Free Quick Fixes at the Inwood Greenmarket, Isham between Seaman and Cooper, 9:30 - 2

Sunday, June 9th: Workshop - Book Repair: 3 - 5pm, at the shop with Tom Burgess &Yakira Tejada

FREE [Click here to RSVP!]

Sunday, June 16th: Workshop - Musical Instruments: 3 - 6pm, at the shop with Henry Chapin

FREE [Click here to RSVP!]

Sunday, June 23rd: Workshop - LCD TV’s and monitors: at the shop with Vincent Lai of the Fixer’s Collective

FREE [Click here to RSVP!]

Note: Workshops are free, hands-on events where you will learn to fix your own stuff with the help of the experts (the rest of the month is drop-off, except for these special items). Please drop us a line at if you know you would like to attend. Walk-ins are also welcome, though the shop is not huge, so if you can let us know that would be great!

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